.love those locks.

so in honor of changing my hair – but lets be honest, i’m not really changing it. just adding some color and getting a trim. 

I have an appointment to get my hair did on saturday! so here are the pictures of what I want the color to look like. 



I love the bangs/fringe but I think it’s too drastic – so I’m going to do that the next time also when my hair is a bit longer. 

🙂 SO excited. Love getting my hair done. 



What I Wore Wednesday

So I thought I would start a “What I Wore Wednesday” post for all of those interested in fashion or just me… ha.







Disclaimer: Excuse my no-makeup face, ugly legs, and poor picture of the MK watch! ❤


*Black dress (oldnavy) and it’s less than $10.00! You’re welcome.

*Cream Blazer (forever21 – similar, similar)

*Turquoise Flat Gladiator Sandal – (steve madden – similar, similar)

*Michael Kors – Silver and Gold Boyfriend Watch 

*Necklace – (nordstroms)

*Gold Cuff – (nordstroms)

*Gold arrow cuff – (francesca’s)

*Shades – (target)


Hope you enjoyed the post! I will see you all another day! 






Fake it til you Make it!

My weekend update: not a whole lot going on in my life as of now, weekends mostly consist of working, occasionally working out when I can squeeze it in… this weekend was no different, I worked Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. I had went to Lowe’s earlier on Saturday and got some anchor hooks to hang up my curtains! Success. I also hung up some artwork. It was my first time hanging curtain rods/curtains – it was hard work because I didn’t have a proper ladder.

I went to church with the family on Sunday and then ate lunch with them then went to TJ Maxx Homegoods! I love, LOVE, LOOOVE that store. I got some necessary items that I had been needing plus a few wedding gifts! 🙂 Although I was supposed to be off on Sunday I was called in and did them a favor.

Man update?: As of right now I’m single. I’ve been talking to different guys but they haven’t panned out and I have met and been friends with some great guys but they aren’t the right ones, no offense the whole  dating scene is just difficult now-a-days.  & not to mention online dating is just not ideal.  When you think you’ve finally found one worth pursuing or that has at least peaked your interest, welp…. better luck next time. I’m starting to think finding someone organically like in the grocery store or at the coffee shop is non-existent. However, now that I have actively done the “online dating scene” for a while I’m thinking that’s near impossible. So what’s a single 20 something girl to do?, when she works a lot and doesn’t meet many people. WELL I’m going to stop trying because I’ve also been told a thousand times that’s when it will happen, and not just to find someone but it’s so exhausting. Also I want to get involved at watermark or the village church – haven’t quite decided who knows maybe I’d meet the person there.

Book Update: I’ve been reading a lot lately, trying to grow my vocabulary and what not. So, just finished “The Blue Bistro”, by Elin Hilderbrand. I loved it! I couldn’t put it down, wanted to just keep reading the whole time. I have moved on to “One plus One”, by JoJo Moyes, which is good but in a different way – not sure the writing style is a bit different as well as the setting is in London. However, I am still enjoying it. Also, reading “Barefoot”, by Elin Hilderbrand – the story line in this one is a little bit slower for me to get into – not sure if its harder to relate because it’s about married women that are sisters, one is going through a affair/divorce, the other is happily married with two children and the last one is not married.

Also on my list are “Beautiful Ruins”, by Jess Walters and “The Girl in White Dresses”, by Jennifer Close.

More to come…